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From Our Farm to Your Table

While our main goal is to produce top end seedstock, we also place emphasis on carcass merit in our cowherd and value putting a high end product on the consumers plate. Each year we feed out a group of steers to not only test our genetics, but provide freezer beef to local clientele.

We work exclusively with E.R. Boliantz Packing in Ashland, Ohio to get cattle processed to your specifications. They offer a one of a kind dry aged cooler, that allows for a truly unique and highly sought after eating profile. Our family has worked with the Boliantz crew for a number of years and we pride ourselves in putting a high quality product on your plate. 

If you are interested, we sell whole, half and quarters of beef on a dressed hanging weight per pound basis. Please contact Jeff or Lou Ellen if you desire to be included on our list the next time we have steers harvested. 

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