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Developing Future Generations

Developing the next generation is crucial to long term success no matter what business you are apart of. 

Our Philosophy: We believe that proper development of the next generation is crucial for our cowherd and others. It is our belief that proper heifer development lays the foundation for a productive female with longevity and reproductive success. 

What We Do: Utilizing our own feed sources, we strive to develop females in a manner that helps with longevity and reproductive efficiency. Working with our nutritionist, we balance our rations and provide a high quality mineral program at all times. Most customers bring us weaned heifers and we develop then through breeding. Additionally, we are set up to AI though heifers and can work with you to fit your needs. We can assist with data collection on purebred females as well as work with clients to maintain herd health.   

Please contact us if you are interested in our heifer development program. 

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