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Registered Hereford Seedstock
Custom Heifer Development
Quality Freezer Beef

Integrity Driven, Honest Quality and Customer Focused

Our Story

At J&L Cattle Services, we strive to breed Hereford cattle that are profitable in all segments of the industry. Quite simply, we demand that our cowherd be balanced both in the flesh and on paper, maintaining an emphasis on carcass merit, fertility  and a balanced, marketable look. Started in 1996 by Jeff and Lou Ellen Harr and daughter, Keayla, the entirely family run operation relies on our cowherd to generate revenue every year and not just be a pretty picture in the field. We custom develop heifers for a select clientele, and work to put up our own feed on over 200 acres of hay and row-crop ground.  While we do stay busy, we invite you to call or stop by anytime. Cattle are always for sale and we do offer a select number of freezer beef sales as well.

Our Family

Lou Ellen Harr
Keayla Harr 
Jeff Harr 

Cell: (419) 685-0549 

Cell: (419) 685-4859

Cell: (419) 282-3011

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